Kavanaugh, Biden, and Bias

Photos source : NY Post

My intention in this post isn’t intended to show bias for one person over the other, but the content will certainly show a heavy bias in the reporting and the reaction from our US political leaders between two very similar allegations of past sexual assaults.

A while back, in 2018, I was in Galveston, TX for a conference, so free time allowed me to watch some of the news coverage on the Judge Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation fiasco. The wagons circled him from the beginning, and bias was not even slightly hidden.

As a police officer, we are taught to be objective, to let evidence speak, and to follow it, to not make assumptions, and to keep your personal feelings out of it. Boy, did our federal elected officials fail here, and the media may have even been worse.

Police are typically skeptical, and since we get lied to every day of our lives, we come about it honest. So hearing people who otherwise have to be intelligent, throw out such reckless claims against a man who has had no tangible evidence against him was appalling.

I’m not sure how many lawyers make up the US Congress, but they violated all they were taught in college about the law and the amendments.

I’m certainly not saying you don’t take an allegation seriously, because that’s exactly what you have to do, I’m saying don’t try to ruin a person over your personal biases and political agenda. Unfortunately, the case against the judge wasn’t as much about what really happened, it was about politicians not loosing ground in the almighty fight between the D’s and the R’s.

Many in politics and media jumped in head first also, to take the judge out before a single word of testimony was ever uttered. Ratings or bias, I’m not sure, but it was irresponsible to say the least.

But the hearings are over and congress has moved on to the next, then the next, then the next mud slinging contest.

Now, former Vice President Joe Biden finds himself in the same situation as did Kavanaugh.

Let’s look at how the two allegations parallel, or actually don’t.

When Christine Blasey Ford publicly accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault in a September 2018 interview, prominent Democrats and many in the media rushed to the story – and rushed to judgment as well. In many cases, they called for end of Kavanaugh’s career.

Now, it’s 2020 and we have the same basic scenario, except the political party affiliation of the accused is reversed.

A month ago, Tara Reade publicly charged that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, but the complete opposite reaction was put forth by those same politicians, and most in the media have suddenly lost interest in such allegations.

“It happened all at once, and then … his hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” Reade tells podcast host Katie Halper. “He said ‘come on, man, I heard you liked me. For me, it was like, everything shattered … I wanted to be a senator; I didn’t want to sleep with one.” Reade was a Senate staffer for Biden at the time. Amazingly, her claim was not immediately picked up by the networks, not even on their online feeds.

The Huffington Post ran a story in the judges case that quoted Biden as saying, “Women’s Claims Of Sexual Assault Should Be Presumed To Be True.” That is true; Biden was right the, and it stands to be true today, but investigators need to look at these equally, and fairly.

Both women’s allegations are just allegations until proven; innocence until proven guilty, regardless of the D or R behind the individual’s name who stands accused.

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