Texas mother kills her infant child

Photo: Longview Police

Longview, Texas Police were called to the 3300 block of S. Eastman Rd on April 30, for an unspecified disturbance, and upon arrival, they were led to an infant that was unresponsive.

The infant showed signs of life at the scene, and was rushed to a hospital by ambulance, where she later died.

An investigation into the death found that the infants mother, Andrea Burks, 40, of Longview had reportedly smothered the baby with a pillow, then tried to choke at least one of her other two children.

The other children’s conditions were not released.

An autopsy was ordered and preliminary results showed the infant had injuries around her mouth and nose that were consistent with smothering.

Burks was arrested for Capital Murder, for Assaulting a family member to impede breath/circulation and a bond forfeiture warrant for a previous Assault against a family member. Burks total bonds totaled $2,002,500.

According to police, Burks had made statements that she feared that Child Protractive Services were going to take her children from her, therefore she decided to kill them to stop that from happening.

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