Satan in a cedar tree, and burning your truck to get rid of leaves

A Fire Marshal friend of mine recently responded to a suspicious fire to find a man had burned his truck because it had tree leaves all over it, and he was fed up with looking at them.

During the interview with the man, it was learned that he didn’t have insurance on the vehicle, there were no liens against the vehicle, it was on his property, so insurance scams or hindering a creditor didn’t fall into play; it was simply that too many leaves were on the truck.

The investigation would find the man doused the leaves with gasoline, then ignited them, along with the unsuspecting truck.

Not to stop there, the man also told the Marshal that Satan had stolen his cellphone, although a motive wasn’t given.

As the investigation continued, it came out that Satan had made his face appear on the trunk a cedar tree in the yard as well.

The Fire Marshal wasn’t able to confirm the Satan face manifestation, nor could he prove that Satan had taken the cell phone, the arson case is however, still open.

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