Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered this date, 25 years ago, 1984.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman were murdered 25 years ago today, in front of her Los Angeles home.

At about midnight on June 13th, a passerby phoned police, reporting a body on some steps leading to a home – upon arrival, officers found Nicole dead on the steps of her walkway, and Ron a few feet away in some shrubbery.

During the investigation, officers found that Nicole had eaten at a restaurant earlier in the evening, where Ron worked, and she left a pair of sunglasses on her table. The investigation found Nicole called the restaurant about the forgotten glasses, and that Ron was going to bring them to her after his shift. Police think that Ron showed up with the glasses as Nicole was being murdered, and the he died trying to intervene.

Nicole was 35 years old at the time of her death, Ron was 25.

Nicole’s autopsy showed that the mother of two had been stabbed seven times in the neck and head, and that her throat was slashed as well; the neck wound was fatal, and actually cut through both of her jugular veins, and cut 3/4 inch into one of her vertebrae, nearly decapitating her.

Ron’s autopsy would show that he suffered a sharp force injury of the neck, which severed his left jugular vein that would be fatal, a chest wound that would have been fatal, and a stab wound to his abdomen that would have been fatal. He was also stabbed in the face, and legs.

Nicoles ex-husband, NFL football legend OJ Simpson, was subsequently arrested and tried for the two murders, but he was found not guilty by a jury after an eight month trial. Despite a great deal of physical evidence linking Simpson as the killer, his high powered defense team would persuade the jury that evidence had been mishandled by police, that evidence was planted by police, and that police investigators were racist. Simpson did not take the stand.

Simpson and his lawyers react to the acquittal verdict

Simpson was later tried in civil court by the Brown and Goldman families for wrongful death in October of 1996; that jury found him guilty, and set a $33.5 judgement against him.

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